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White Buffalo Press Seven Text Special

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Dr. Ray Turner
2016 Curriculum and Seven Texts Bundle
$40.00 Donation Special

Benefit from 33 years of special needs driver team curriculum and textbook writing helping 6,000 school districts provide bus transportation best practice for students with disabilities. For a $40 donation and your DVD w/SASE you will receive the 317 Megs Special Needs Driver Team Online Curriculum with 72 inservice-ready newsletters and Powerpoint topics as well as seven special needs transportation texts with 2,357 pages of best practice information for directors, supervisors and trainers.

Dr. Ray Turner
5306 King George Drive, San Antonio, TX 78229


Special Needs Transportation Handbook Transporting Medically Fragile or Technology-Assisted Students Special Needs Transportation Best Practice Students with Disabilities and Their Safe Routes to School: IEP Committee Guidance

Hazardous Route Committee Handbook Parental Support for Students Receiving Special Needs Transportation Least Restrictive Transportation Environment Continuum: What every IP Committee Should Know

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